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How To Install and Sync a Digital Planner on Most Devices

To have your planner sync on most of your devices including Android, Windows and possibly iOS and Mac, follow the directions below. This method works with Xodo's online version and your planner may only be accessible online. Other apps may provide online syncing that also allows you to use your planner offline.

*Before starting these instructions, please ensure that you have unzipped the zip file because you will need to install the PDF planner file using the instructions below.

1. Preferably on your computer, create a free Xodo Online account here on a web browser

2. Once you login click on Bookshelf

3. Click "Add a File" at the top right corner, then add the digital planner. It may take a couple of minutes to upload

4. Once the file is uploaded, click on the planner to edit and you are ready to use your planner!

5. You can access your planner from any device by clicking here and signing in. On Android, you can also access your planner by installing the Xodo app from the Play Store, once installed, tap the menu button, then tap Xodo Connect. Sign in with the same email and password you used in step 1 and your planner should be there.


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