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Digital planners are created to have the look and feel of a physical paper planner with the ease and convenience of a digital planner. There are so many things that you can do with a digital planner that you can't with a paper planner. Digital planners can simplify and speed up planning in so many ways. Wondering how digital planners compare to paper planners? Check out the info below.




Available to download right now.

Get Instantly

Travel with only your phone or tablet and have your digital planner always available.

Travel Light

Access your digital planner from your smartphone, tablet, and computer anywhere any time.

Access Anywhere

Digital planners have access to pens and highlighters in any color, erasers, on-screen keyboard and more so you don't have to carry anything extra.

All In One (Pens, Highlighters, etc.)

Write everything only once then copy and paste where you need it.

Copy & Paste

Add extra pages and expand your planner any time you want.

Duplicate Pages

Decorate your planner with fun digital stickers, covers, dividers and much more, to create a gorgeous weekly spread.

Decorate Your Planner

Search for any handwritten or typed word to find it quickly and easily.

Search Any Word

Erase or delete any mistakes without leaving any trace behind keeping your planner looking perfect.

Erase With No Trace Left Behind

Move and rearrange stickers, writing and much more if you change your mind. Nothing is permanent as they are in paper planners.

Rearrange Stickers & Writing

Change the covers and dividers and add inserts to expand the use of your planner.

Customize Your Planner

Duplicate stickers and inserts to reuse them and save money.

Reuse Stickers & Inserts

Get your planner now and start using instantly.

Get Yours Now


* Our digital planners work with PDF annotation apps. Some of these features are based off features in the PDF annotation app Goodnotes. Our planner works well with many other apps and some apps may have more or less features than Goodnotes. To see more app, click here.

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